2007 Halloween Events in Belgium

Halloween is within three weeks and I was wondering what kind of activities are organized in the district I live. While reading the local newspaper,2007 Halloween Events in Belgium Articles I realized that nothing was envisaged. I thus made a search on the Internet in order to know what was organized in the other Belgian districts and was not disappointed by what I learned.Many Halloween events are organized in Wallonia and in Brussels. While bars, restaurants, dancing clubs organize their own Halloween evening, some districts also have their own events.Here are some examples:A school in Trooz organize the “Trooz Halloween Festival”; which is a two kilometers walk, marked out, decorated and supervised, with spitting of fire, witch, fairies, phantoms, werewolves, waders, magician, and fireworks at the end of the evening.In the district of Fontaine-L’Evêque, the Cox Team Belgium organizes its Halloween supper with a special Halloween menu.Appetizer: witch juice.Main dish: The pig of Malvira in porchetta (Malvira is a Belgian TV witch).Dessert and Coffee.The district of Haversin organizes since 1994 the Halloween Festival: in the dark of an October evening, they will see a cart drawn by horses and followed by a strange procession composed by ghosts, witches, monsters… The traditional pumpkin soup is offered at the end of the evening.The “Village de Cahottes” (Flémalle), will be invaded by a witches, skeletons and vampires. Candies will be given to the children and the Halloween Festival will end by the capture of the malefic witch who will be publicly burned; which will save the village from the ghosts until next Halloween. Fireworks will enclose halloween menu ideas for restaurants the evening.In Mariembourg, we will have the opportunity to travel in the Horror Train.Thy le Château organizes a Halloween Night Market.For the second consecutive year, the Caves of Wonck (Bassenge) organize their Halloween-Crypt Show. This Halloween Crypt Show is a walk in the world of strange and fantastic.In Brussels, Halloween fans will visit Museum of Art and Fantastic, where they will meet witches, monsters and other horrible characters. The visitors will have the opportunity to receive a wizard diploma after having passed some horrible tests. A family enigma seems to be the focus point of this event. The artist has also created a Horror Carousel and their visitors will meet Halloween Man.Ittre organizes a very original Halloween event because it will take place during the evening in Tricot Wood where the visitors will meet lots of witches, vampires, ghosts, zombies and other horrible Halloween creatures.In the district of Forchies-La-Marche, the local youth association “Case Depart” organizes the Halloween Dancing Night and ask their visitors to come with their most scary Halloween costume.