Food Processor’s 5 Main Uses


One very obvious use of a food processor is with chopping. It can chop very quickly so you don’t have to do it manually. But however,Food Processor’s 5 Main Uses Articles it can actually dice, shred or slice depending on what blade you use. It can even shred it thin or thick depending on what you want. Vegetables, cheese and other foods can be chopped quickly and easily by a food processor. Great if you’re planning to cook for a big crowd.

You can also use it to whip. Whip some cream perhaps and use it for whatever purpose you want. It won’t be messy to use your food processor with a whipping insert to whip out a delicious whipped cream.

Food processor makes it much Best Food Processor Black Friday Deals easier to puree fruit, soups and even baby food. Sure other kitchen items can do this too, but the food processor can do it best. If it can grind nuts, it can surely puree fruits or vegetables without a problem.

Grinding is another use for a food processor. You can easily grind nuts or seeds and can even grind meat. Other kitchen can’t do these things so well but the food processor won’t see it as a problem. It won’t even take much time.

Juicing is another use for the food processor. It depends on the type of food processor you have though. Just check for an insert that’s used for juicing. It can easily juice any fruit or vegetables but it will also strain away the seeds and other stuff you don’t want to find in your juice.